How to Get Women to Notice You?

Answer A few simple things you can do around women so that you become much more noticeable to them.

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At a self-serve gas station, do you notice men customers shake the nozzle before pulling out; women don't?

That's not true baybee... I like to shake that nozzle and ooze it all out....

Is a preforeclosure notice& a notice of default the same thing in North Carolina?

North Carolina General Statute 45-102 provides that before any foreclosure on a primary residence can take place, the petitioner must file a "pre-foreclosure notice" at least 45 days prior to a not... Read More »

How soon could you notice abdominal changes in early pregnancy and what would you notice?

Answer Pregnancy releases a hormone that softens your muscles for child birth the first sign you going to notice is a soft flabby stomach, or you'll look bloated.

How do boys notice me but don't notice me?

A: I have the exact same problem. The guys in my classes will acknowledge me or occaisonaly make some rude insult/joke about me but they never really notice ME. They don't really notice personality... Read More »