How to Get Wireless Internet on Laptops Without Cable?

Answer Get Internet access connected from your phone company, cable company or another Internet service provider. You will need DSL or cable Internet. Dial-up will not work with some routers. Get a wirele... Read More »

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How to get Wireless Internet For Laptops?

You would need to call a cell phone company and get a wireless broadband card or usb receiver. You will have to pay a monthly fee and it is not available in all areas. I am not sure if T-mobile off... Read More »

Laptops..and wireless internet?

There are several Different types of wireless. 1. WIFI - which is NOT an Internet connection, just an extension of an existing connection. WIFI is part of a Local Area network. All new laptops toda... Read More »

How do laptops connect to the Internet without a cable?

With the advent of wireless Internet capabilities, the usefulness of laptops has increased significantly. In the past, laptop Internet use was limited to wherever you could plug into a connection, ... Read More »

How does wireless Internet for laptops work?

Wireless Internet is becoming increasingly common not only for home use, but also in cafes, airports, and even throughout entire cities. It is an excellent option for laptop users because it is fas... Read More »