How to Get Winged Hair (Men)?

Answer So you've seen a lot of "skater" boys with style and would like to try the trend out yourself. Here's how.

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What is the primary advantage of rotary-winged aircraft over fixed-winged aircraft  ?

Choppers can hover over a position; fixed wing cannot (other than Harrier type jets). Choppers can land anywhere and take off from anyplace; fixed wing aircraft NEED a large airstrip.

How to Do the Cat-eye Winged Look?

The cat-eye, with its winged look, is a glamorous and alluring way to accentuate a person's eyes. This look is perfect for a special night out and does not require the skills of a makeup artist. It... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Winged Termites?

Winged termites are also called swarmers. They reproduce and fly to new locations to start a new colony. Winged termites lay eggs after they mate and shed their wings. Termites can infest a home or... Read More »

What does a winged eye stand for?

The winged eye is also called the Eye of Horus, Wedjat, or Oudjat. It is a simple representation of the left eye. According to Egyptian legend, Horus lost his eye while fighting with Seth over his ... Read More »