How to Get What You Need for Manga?

Answer Art toolsManga is not easy,most people thinks that all you need are pencils and papers and erasers.Unfortunately,many other tools are needed for Manga.Here are some steps on the tools and how you c... Read More »

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How to Become a Manga Ka?

Mangaka Yuu Watase drawing a sample from Imadoki at Lucca Comics 2004 in ItalyFor those that don't know, a manga-ka is the term for someone who is the creator of manga, a form of Japanese comic. Mu... Read More »

How to Be a Pro Manga Ka?

You're saw many awesome manga(s) made so far. And you want to make one? Read on. This will show you how to be a pro manga ka (manga creator)!

How to Be a Manga Fan?

Manga is a comic from Japan that is popular all over the world. You may have heard or Sailor Moon, Death Note, Naruto and Tokyo Mew Mew. These are all types of manga. A lot of cartoons on Western T... Read More »

How to Get Into Manga?

Manga (pronounced mahn – Ga), or comics in Japanese, cover a wide variety of subject areas targeting both children and adults.Translated comics are fun to read and is also an easy way to learn ab... Read More »