How to Get Waterspots Off Rims?

Answer After washing a vehicle, a downpour of rain or after your car's rims have come into contact with water, it's possible that waterspots may appear. Waterspots are difficult to remove if you do not ha... Read More »

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How to Remove Waterspots From a Car Windshield?

Water spots can form on car windshields in much the same manner as spots appear on glasses, shower tiles and shower doors. Hard water concentrates the minerals within the water as it evaporates, f... Read More »

How to Change From 17 Inch Rims to 16 Inch Rims?

Wheels are one of the most defining aspects of a car's or truck's appearance. They are also available in a variety of sizes, from as small as 13 inches to as large as 21 inches and even larger. Oft... Read More »

How to Buy New Rims?

One way to change the appearance of your car and increase its value is to change the rims. The rim is what the tire is seated on.

How wide are H2 rims?

Hummer H2 rims vary in size, but the factory width for H2 vehicles is about 8.5 inches, according to the Flash-off Road Web site. The factory length of an 8.5-inch wide H2 rim is 17 inches.Referenc... Read More »