How to Get Water Out of a Fuel System?

Answer If you are trying to start your car and it will crank, but refuses to fire up the engine, then you may have water in your gas tank. This can be bad not only for getting the car started, but it can ... Read More »

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How to Remove Water From a Car's Fuel System?

Occasionally, filling a fuel tank results in water being introduced into the fuel system. This happens when a service station storage tank develops a leak and ground water seeps in. Water is heavie... Read More »

DIY Water Injection Fuel System?

Though the idea of intentionally injecting water into a running engine seems a bit counter-intuitive, simple and cheap water injection systems are an effective way of reducing detonation in turboch... Read More »

How to Remove Pressure From the Fuel System for Replacing the Fuel Pump?

The fuel system pressurizes fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel-injection systems meter the fuel injected for the cylinders by controlling the length of time the injectors are open. To inje... Read More »

Is a chlorine system or a salt water system better for a Gunite pool?

A salt water pool chlorinating system works just fine in a gunite pool. It makes Little difference what sort of pool you put it in. A salt water system as stated above does use the salt to make ch... Read More »