How to Get Water Out of Used Motor Oil?

Answer You rarely, if ever, have to remove water from used motor oil in your lifetime. Facilities disposing of or recycling used motor oil use large machines that "cleanse" old oil of moisture and impurit... Read More »

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Chemicals to Remove Water From Used Motor Oil?

When oil is saturated with water, it will appear milky or foggy. Removing water from used motor oil can be done in a number of ways. Recycling plants will remove water and other impurities from oil... Read More »

How to Re-Use Used Motor Oil?

Motor oil, also referred to as engine oil, is a liquid used for lubricating moving parts of an internal combustion motor. However, motor oil has other uses in the engine as well: it cools and clean... Read More »

Are there any simple water filtration systems, like PUR or Brita, that can be used for well water?

You won't know what kind of filter you need until you have the water tested to find out which minerals or contaminants are present. There are iron and sediment filters which can be put on the line... Read More »

Can Deionized Water Be Used in Place of Distilled Water?

Though deionized and distilled water seem similar, there exist enough differences to make substitution a bad idea under most circumstances. Deionized water contains no ions and exists in an unbala... Read More »