How to Get Washable Coon Stripes or Tails?

Answer Have you always wanted to know some tips on how to get coon tails/stripes that are washable? If this is the case, please continue reading for some more information on that topic.

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How to Do Coon Tails?

"Coon tails" used to refer to a hat much like the one worn by Davy Crockett. Today, "coon tails" refer to a hair coloring method that renders a result much like the striped tail of a raccoon. The r... Read More »

How to Put Coon Tails in Hair?

A coon tail is exactly what it sounds like-a section of hair dyed to resemble a raccoon's tail. You can do this using bleach or hair dye depending upon the color of coon tails you want for your hai... Read More »

How to Make Temporary Coon Tails or Leopard Spots?

You want coon tails? Leopard spots? Parents say no!? They don't want their son/daughter to do this? It's cheap. It's easy and parents' proof.

How to Make Coon Stripes Without Tape?

Everyone knows how to put coon striped in their hair with tape... problem is, it usually doesn't work, unless you want to choke your hair to death with the tape. This is an easier, alternative meth... Read More »