How to Get Voice Messages From a TELUS Phone?

Answer Telus provides mobile phone, Internet, TV and home phone serivce to customers throughout Canada. The company began in 1900 as a government phone service and has expanded to provide services for bot... Read More »

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Do I get voice mail messages when my cell phone is off?

Provided that your cell phone is still in service, yes, phone calls will be routed to your voice mail even when the phone is off. If your phone service has been shut off, the caller will not have t... Read More »

Can you still receive voice messages if the battery runs out on your cell phone?

When your battery is depleted and your phone is off, the voice mail system is set up to catch any messages left for you. Once you have connected your phone to a charger and have turned it back on, ... Read More »

Are the text messages from telus real?

They are real and are automatically sent to Telus customers that have data plans. Telus advises you when you have reached 50% of your allotted data for the month. They send a second text when (or i... Read More »

Can you buy a sim card from telus without the phone ?

You can buy a micro-sim at your local Telus store for $10. Telus doesn't offer unlimited calling plans but you can get unlimited text.