How to Get Very Popular when You Are Desperate?

Answer This is the last-resort way of being popular. If you are so desperate that you are alright with "using" a person, read on. This will almost guarantee popularity, but it may not be the favorable kin... Read More »

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VERY stubborn Acne. Inexpensive way to get rid of it PLEASE I'm desperate!?

Try diluting apple cider vinegar (50% water/50% vinegar) and putting that on with a cotton pad (like toner) every morning and night. If you find that it's too drying, add more water. This really ... Read More »

BACK ACNE!! help please im desperate & very upset!!!?

WARNING! Don't Even Think About Buying Another Acne Product Until You Read This...

How can I get very brassy orange tones out of my hair Help, please, I am desperate.?

The only sure way to fix this is to go to a salon. This kind of thing needs to be left the the pros, and there is a reason for that. I tell people all the time not to color their own hair and their... Read More »

Ok, i need some help with my camcorder, could someone help me, i'm very desperate to get this working!?

I'm surprised no-one has stated the obvious...According to your description, "Now, i have a port in my camcorder and on my computer like this:"...You have a mini-FW socket on your computer AND the ... Read More »