How to Get VIP Service from a Restaurant?

Answer Do you ever wonder if when you go out to eat, you are really enjoying the best service that the maître d' has to offer? Discover how you can impress whoever you are with every time and be treated ... Read More »

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What is the example of intangible service in restaurant?

Intangible means, that can not be touched, The service which is intangible in restaurant is if you create any website from where you are providing service of home delivery, online orders or online ... Read More »

How to Get Good Service in a Restaurant?

Sometimes you like good service. Well good service doesn't come cheap. Here's how to get better service at your favorite restaurant.

Restaurant Customer Service Standards?

High restaurant customer service standards are essential to the growth and success of an establishment. Many online city guides include customer reviews of restaurants that can attract customers if... Read More »

What does "American Service" ,mean in regards to the Restaurant business?

it means salad before the main course . in french service salad comes after main course. that's the short answer there are other differences