How to Get Used to Wearing Contacts?

Answer Have you just chosen contacts and they haven't grown on your daily routine yet? Read here for advice!

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Been wearing the same contacts?

I used to do the same until I ended up with ulcers in my eye. Not fun!! When you don't take your contacts out they don't have time to breath and you can be doing damage to your eyes and not even kn... Read More »

Should I keep wearing my contacts?

It's like my parents always say: "You only have one set of eyes." I used to wear contacts, loved them, then realised they're more trouble than they're worth. Now, rather than messing up my cornea b... Read More »

Is wearing two contacts in one eye bad?

i think so , so i'd take one out , better safe then sorry

Can you cry while wearing contacts?

You can cry whilst wearing contacts! I have done this many, many times! Sometimes after you have had yourself a good cry, your eyes will be ironically dry. Just use some good eye drops (no visine).... Read More »