How to Get Used to Wearing Contacts?

Answer Have you just chosen contacts and they haven't grown on your daily routine yet? Read here for advice!

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Is wearing two contacts in one eye bad?

i think so , so i'd take one out , better safe then sorry

Can you cry while wearing contacts?

You can cry whilst wearing contacts! I have done this many, many times! Sometimes after you have had yourself a good cry, your eyes will be ironically dry. Just use some good eye drops (no visine).... Read More »

Wearing contacts urgent!?

Trust me, it's best to follow the schedule. I wear RGP lenses and I had a schedule to mine. It's natural to want to wear them more than the schedule says, but if you're eyes willl begin... Read More »

Should I keep wearing my contacts?

It's like my parents always say: "You only have one set of eyes." I used to wear contacts, loved them, then realised they're more trouble than they're worth. Now, rather than messing up my cornea b... Read More »