How to Get Upside Down Writing Off of Facebook?

Answer Whether you do it to yourself or someone plays a trick on you, sometimes your Facebook page appears with upside down writing. Everything is written correctly, but some of the words are standing on ... Read More »

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How to Change Upside Down Writing on Facebook?

Facebook supports over 70 languages for your Facebook profile, including the novelty "English (Upside Down)" that turns all your Facebook text upside down. The text remains in English, but it is di... Read More »

If you turn a TV upside down, will the picture turn upside down too?

yes.everything on and within the tv will then be upside down.

While shutting down my PC, my computer screen got upside down. Is it a virus ?

try pressing CTRl + ALT+ plus signCTRl + ALT+ minus signCTRl + ALT+ pg up signCTRl + ALT+ pg down signit did solve when i had a problem. it is definately a virus attack. run AVG free scanner or un... Read More »

Question about keg stands. How is the beer able to go down upside down?…As I answered last time you asked this but chose an ignorant answer opposed my my correct answer, its peristalsis.