How to Get Up When You Want with Only a Few Hours of Sleep?

Answer At times it is necessary to be active with only a small amount of rest. While it is unhealthy to be sleep deprived for any length of time, one can get by for a short period of time with only short,... Read More »

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Only gotten 12 hours of sleep for the past four days, don't feel tired something wrong with me?

Some people are known as "long sleepers" and some as "short sleepers." As the name suggests, short sleepers require less sleep than long sleepers. Here are some famous people who are or were short ... Read More »

With all this talk of Margaret Thatcher, does anyone else actually only sleep for 4 hours a night?

I used to work on the motor ways 12hr shifts which meant we had to sleep on site in caravans,So yes I know what it's like.As for you,re friends they should know you well enough by now that you are ... Read More »

How to sleep only 3-4 hours a day?

that's what i've been doing since a month ago (the finals time). i drink a lot of tea in the evenings, i don't like coffee, if you like it, you will get better result from coffee. i start my night ... Read More »

Only got 4 hours of sleep?

Drink coffee, red bull, 5 hour energy, or something like that when you begin to feel sleepy