How to Get Up Early on the Weekends?

Answer Do you have trouble getting up, just because it's the weekend, or want to wake up for something? This wikihow's for you!

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How to Act Preppy on the Weekends?

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How do you relax at the weekends?

Play video games, meditiate, watch TV, listen to music or learn a mew song on guitar, on your days off... Forget about EVERYTING, that's for future you to be worrying about... Its your relaxing day... Read More »

Do soldiers get weekends off?

Generally yes, but all in the unit takes turns on watch & you might come up for a shift on a weekend day or be on maneuvers or in the field which would also be an exception.

Do you cook or eat breakfast on the weekends?

Sometimes but usually cook and eat brunch no breakfast to sleep in longer but still eat brunch in the house or in restaurants on weekends especially"