How to Get Unemployment After Looking for a Job for a Year?

Answer To prevent any potential complications, you should file for unemployment benefits as soon as you lose your job, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. If you waited a year, however, you may sti... Read More »

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Can You File for Unemployment Every Year?

Unemployment is supposed to be temporary but that doesn't mean you can't file for it every year. Your benefits end when you've maxed them out. Then you can apply for new ones during the next benefi... Read More »

How to Reapply for Unemployment at Year End in Tennessee?

An unemployment claim benefit year begins on the date you file and ends one year later. In Tennessee, if your benefit year ends before you've exhausted your benefits, you'll need to file a new clai... Read More »

How to Reinstate Unemployment After 1 Year in New Jersey?

New Jersey unemployment benefits are temporary. They end when you lose your eligibility or reach your maximum available compensation. If you max out your benefits, you have to wait until the next b... Read More »

What year had the lowest unemployment rate?

Since the U.S. Department of Labor started keeping track in 1948, the year with the lowest unemployment rate in the United States was 1953 (with 2.9 percent). In 2009, the unemployment rate was 9.3... Read More »