How to Get Uncontrollable Curly Hair Controllable?

Answer Are you tired of frizzy messed up curly hair? Here are some steps on how to create non-frizzy controlled curly hair

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How do you make uncontrollable teenagers controllable?

By first coming to the realization and accepting the fact that, people are not meant to be controlled. -Control..What a disgusting word at times, isn't it? What is "uncontrollable" about these tee... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Bouncy When You Have Uncontrollable Hair?

Whether your hair is thick, coarse or over-processed, the key to achieving bouncy hair is by repairing dry, split, rough or damaged strands and utilizing a healthy hair care regimen for keeping you... Read More »

How to Style Curly Frizzy Hair - Curly Hair Solutions?

Curly hair can be beautiful, and many women wear their curls with pride. For some women, however, curls can become more of a curse than a blessing because of frizz and unmanageable texture. Fortuna... Read More »

How can I get loose curly beach waves with my all ready naturally curly waving hair?

I have curly hair too! to get the beachy sort of wave, try this:after washing your hair, towel dry it until damp. Apply mouse or a little bit of light gel. If you use gel, use it very sparingly a... Read More »