How to Get Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Answer Here's some easy steps to getting ultima. If you're getting Ultima for strength and not magic, you're going to want Fenrir (beat Sephiroth) or Decisive Pumpkin (clear Halloween town twice)if you're... Read More »

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How to Get the Ultimate Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2?

This is an article on how to obtain the ultima weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2 (I'm using the Brady games official strategy guide as my main source). Note: you really cannot obtain the ultima weapon unt... Read More »

How to Get the Materials to Make the Ultamate Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Ok lets say your playing kingdom hearts 2 and you realize "oh shoot i just realized in one of the articles it said you can beat sephiroth easier if you have the ultama weapon". well you realize HOW... Read More »

How to Get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus?

Hey there. OK, today, you will learn how to get the 2ND, best gun in the game, next to Death Penalty. Read on for the really easy steps.

How to Glide in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

Just do what the below says and you should be able to pull it off it will take a while to master if your not an average player