How to Get Total Ignition Timing?

Answer Total ignition timing, or total timing advance, is denoted on a placard under the hood of most vehicles. If there is no placard, consult a service manual. Total advance depends mostly on the type a... Read More »

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How to Set the Ignition Timing With No Timing Marks?

Ignition timing is when the distributor sends an electric spark into the engine to ignite the fuel. This fuel ignition is what powers the car. The sequence in which this happens is very finely bala... Read More »

Ignition Timing Vs. Valve Timing?

Ignition systems refer to multi-component systems used in vehicles to ignite the fuel-air or combustion mixture needed for the internal combustion engine to function. This ignition process is perfo... Read More »

What is the total timing advance for a small block Chevy?

According to "Ignition Timing For Your Hot Rod: Finding Fuel Efficiencies and Peak Power" by Sam Moore, the early type of small-block Chevy V-8 needs 36 to 40 degrees of total ignition advance. Lat... Read More »

How to Set Ignition Timing?

Adjusting ignition timing is one of the first things that any mechanic learns how to do, and it's one of the most important settings on any engine. If your ignition is "advanced," the spark plug fi... Read More »