How to Get Too Much Fabric Softener out of Towels?

Answer So you were pouring fabric softener into the washer and it spilled. Now what? Fabric softeners are chemicals that coat the fabric to soften and add a non-conductive property (prevent static cling).... Read More »

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How do I get rid of fabric softener stains?

Use SoapWet the fabric, and lay it out on a flat work surface. Use a bar of mild soap, and scrub at the fabric softener stain for several minutes. Rinse the fabric under cool running water to remov... Read More »

Drinking fabric softener.?

I think you need to see a doctor since you're likely slowly poisoning yourself.

A Homemade Fabric Softener?

Replace store-bought fabric softener with a homemade recipe to save money, avoid allergies and reduce excess lint on your dryer screen. Two common household items---baking soda and vinegar---soften... Read More »

What is the best fabric softener to use?

Homemade fabric softener is the best selection for you, your clothes and the environment. Fabric softeners are dyes, fragrances, volatile chemicals, solvents and acidic, so adding ½ cup of vinegar... Read More »