How to Get Togepi in Pokemon Games?

Answer Want that egg-citing cute Pokemon? Here's how to get it in the Pokemon games!

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How to Know if it Is Togepi on PokeRadar?

"Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl" introduced the PokeRadar, a device that guarantees you will battle a wild Pokemon by causing the grass around you to shake when a wild Pokemon is present. If y... Read More »

Are there any PC Pokemon games?

There are no PC games that give players the same experience of the Pokemon games for portable Nintendo systems, but there are several Pokemon-related PC games, including the board game-styled "Poke... Read More »

How to Put Pokemon Games on a PSP?

The PSP give users the ability to take their music, games, videos and pictures with them anywhere they want. Because of the WiFi development of the console, many users utilize the Playstation Netwo... Read More »

How to Play Pokemon Games on the PC?

The "Pokemon" games are a popular series of games, but they're all for the Nintendo portable consoles--the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS. To play these games, you're going to need to... Read More »