How to Get Through the Ice Path in "HeartGold"?

Answer The Ice Path of "Pokemon HeartGold's" Johto region bridges Route 44 to Blackthorn City, where Gym Leader Clair resides. It hosts several puzzles involving the ice and boulders inside, creating some... Read More »

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When a football travels through the air does it always follow a curved path called a parabolic path?

Any projectile, or object with a constant horizontal velocity, follows a parabolic path. When thrown, a football has a constant velocity as no other forces are acting on it in a horizontal directio... Read More »

How Do You Get the Man's Poke Ball in the Ice Path on "Pokemon HeartGold Version"?

As you progress through "Pokemon HeartGold Version," you will eventually come across an ice cave on your way to Blackthorn City. While in the cave, your goal is to recover a man's Poke Ball. Althou... Read More »

How to Get Through the Rock Tunnel in "Pokemon HeartGold"?

In "Pokemon HeartGold," the Rock Tunnel in the game's Kanto region serves as an alternate route to Lavender Town. Because the Rock Tunnel lacks a natural light source, players must use the Flash mo... Read More »

How to Walk Through Walls in Pokemon HeartGold?

You wanna walk through walls 'cause you can't get somewhere? Keep reading!