How to Get Through the Day on Less Than Four Hours of Sleep?

Answer Everyone has been in this situation before-they can't sleep, or can't sleep enough, and feel terrible the next day. It's only natural to feel tired; after all, you chose to go to that party on Wedn... Read More »

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Is it really bad if i sleep less than 7 hours p/day?

The reality is most adults do not get enough sleep, you really do need 7.5 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night. And no, you really can't catch up on sleep. If you are young, late teens/young adul... Read More »

I only got four hours of sleep?

nothing because we can have a full sleep in just 3 hours, as per my PE teacher said back in high school

Can I get rid of a black eye in less than 24 hours?

Unfortunately, no, you just have to wait it out and let the hemoglobin completely breakdown. When it does begin to breakdown it will begin to change colors, so tomorrow, instead of being dark blue/... Read More »

How to Knit a Blanket in Less Than 48 Hours?

A very simple and quick blanket pattern that works because the needles are so big and the yarn is so thick.