How to Get Through the Day With Social Anxiety?

Answer Social Anxiety is a mental illness that effects people of all ages, cultures, and stereotypes and is something many people live with world wide. It can make your day very challenging especially whe... Read More »

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How to Be Productive With Social Anxiety?

Its easy to try and 'cure' social anxiety as if it were a minor ailment. But for those who have it: what happens in between diagnosis and cure? Not just in the sense of coping, but how can a social... Read More »

People with Social you attend college?

I do attend college, but I am horrified of strangers. I really love learning, and that is why I am in college. So I just show up, sit down, and get ready to take notes. Eventually someone will sit ... Read More »

Where should a 20 year old, with social anxiety/panic work part-time?

You have some options. You could be a stocker in a supermarket or big box store. You would work at night when the store is closed. You get paid more too. You might also consider working in a wa... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is fairly common. It's stressful because we all need social interaction as part of our daily lives but if we are denied this through fear, we begin to feel a range of uncomfortable a... Read More »