How to Get Through a Custody Evaluation?

Answer If you are going through a custody battle, then there is a good chance that a judge will order a custody evaluation in your case. A custody evaluation is a conducted by a professional who is usuall... Read More »

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What is involved in a child custody evaluation?

In most custody cases, parents agree to custody arrangements without child custody evaluations. Parents are encouraged to prepare for these evaluations with their attorneys and set aside their feel... Read More »

Can custody be signed over to the maternal grandmother through the courts by a mother who has sole legal and physical custody of a minor child without the father's consent?

Answer If you have sole custody of your child then the court system saw fit to leave the father out of the custody decision. Therefore, you have every legal right to see a lawyer, go through the c... Read More »

How to Learn Through Evaluation?

Evaluation is one of the ways that you can learn anything - whether it is more information about your classroom, whether a program is working or not, or even how you are doing teaching or doing ano... Read More »

Can I reverse a temporary custody agreement without going through the courts if it was voluntary?

How do I reverse a temporary custody statue 751 when both parties agree?