How to Get Through a Book That You Can't Get Started?

Answer Have you ever had those books that you have to read but you simply can't start it? Maybe it's boring, or hard to understand, or it is so long that you think that you won't be able to finish it. How... Read More »

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Your stereo turns on and you can hear through the head phone but you cant through the speakers?

Can someone please guide to a paper or book that goes through the Linux kernal?

From what I hear, the best book on the subject is the now-outdated "Understanding the Linux Kernel".The last version only covers the 2.6.xx arch.

How do you get Cory in for an interrogation on csi crime scene investigation dark motives PC game you have went through the full walk through and you still cant get him in Help please.?

make up something to lie to him to get him in and once his in make him tell everything

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then please my dear Oprah Winfrey after do this project in math through your great dept ihope to work teacher of math through any university or school in great u.s.a. warm wishes from; mr; hassab... Read More »