How to Get Through Life Strongly?

Answer "You deserve everything just because you were born on this earth". This line was spoken by the famous Oprah Winfrey once on her show and it is so true in itself.

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How to Finish an Essay Strongly?

Writing a strong essay involves having a great thesis and providing a clear and concise argument, which is validated by strong evidence and engaging dialogue, but nothing quite makes an essay like ... Read More »

Why do people feel so strongly about antivaxxers?

Because some people will believe any old crap the media feeds them. I was talking to my employer the other day and mentioned vaccines and autism, he totally did not believe the link and do you know... Read More »

Heart beats fast or strongly help plz?

Please visit the provided link.…

Is there a movie character you can strongly identify with?

"cheesy" you say... i like cheesy.Well, here goes: I'm a John Cusack fan, i really connect with some (not all) of his characters he plays.High Fidelity (2000) is one of my favorites from Cusack, no... Read More »