How to Get Things More Than 7 Years Old Off My Credit Report?

Answer Lenders report credit data to the credit bureau, whether positive or negative. Your credit report is a compilation of this information and a reflection of your credit history. Negative credit infor... Read More »

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How Many Years Are on a Credit Report?

Your credit report will typically list the past seven years of history for all of your active accounts. Some entries, however, such as judgments and student loan debts, can remain on your report fo... Read More »

Can bankruptcy be on your credit report for more than 10 years?

Bankruptcy cannot legally remain on your credit reports for more than 10 years, according to Experian. If you filed a Chapter 7 case, the notation will last only 10 years from the date you filed in... Read More »

How to Get a Debt Off Your Credit Report After 7 Years?

Not all debt on your credit report is bad. Any accounts for which you have a good payment history are positive items. Accounts that have zero account balances because the creditor charged it off an... Read More »

How long do things stay on your credit report?

A missed payment and public record items stay on your credit for seven years. A Chapter 7, 11 or 12 bankruptcy remains on a credit report for 10 years. An unpaid tax lien stays on for 15 years, whi... Read More »