How to Get That Special Someone to Like You?

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Can someone die of like just pure pain or something like without any bleeding or uh stuff like that?

How to Be Comfortable Around That Special Someone?

You have a special "someone" that you really like, but when you see them, you get nervous. You want to go over to talk to them, but you get the feeling that you just want to run away. You fear you ... Read More »

How to Get That Special Someone to Go with You to the Dance?

So there you sit, the day before the dance, wishing for that special someone to ask you to go with him/her. But then, you realize that you need to take initiative. Here are few methods on how.

How to Express Your Love With That Special Someone?

You always have that special someone in mind and don't have any ways to tell them that you love them other then just staring at them all day long? You've Come to the right place. There are many way... Read More »