How to Get That I'm Not Bothered About What You Think of Me Look?

Answer We've all seen that girl, who walks down the street looking confident, good, stylish and you can tell she got dressed in about 5 minutes, her hair has that I did this in a rush look - but you can b... Read More »

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How to Not Be Bothered by What Others Say About You?

What do you do if someone says something you don't like?

Other than loss, what else bothered you about growing up adopted?

For me, it was the lack of any mirror of my personality. I'm so different from my adoptive family. There is no one in my adoptive family (even the extended family) who shares my basic personality... Read More »

What do you think about this look?

Its a good look, but it does look a bit messy. Try giving it a cleaner look.

Why is everyone so bothered about this Swine flu?

I am Mexican and I dont know how bothered you guys are in your country. Here in Mexico the Swine Flu is everywhere at any time. I really got bored of it. Now, it is well-known around the world beca... Read More »