How to Get That Beautiful Just Showered Look?

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Why did this happen when i showered ?

its very simple. you fainted. you most likely got out of bed too quickly not allowing your blood pressure to regulate. and you prob took too hot of a shower which also helped to make your blood pre... Read More »

I finally showered this week and.....?

don't listen to these naysayers! showering more than once a week is bad for your skin! your natural oils keep the skin healthy! when it's night time, stroll down to the trailer park laundromat and... Read More »


No, wait until little things start growing out of your skin like when a potato has been sitting around for a couple of weeks.Cool!

Okay this is pretty gross, but I haven't showered since last year...?

Do you mean last year as in December 31, 2011? If so, you are probably as fresh as a daisy. If you are describing a time somewhere before that date, the ewwww factor increases each day you count ... Read More »