How to Get Tested for ADD?

Answer Attention deficit disorder, otherwise known as ADD, frequently starts in childhood, although people of all ages suffer from the disorder. If you think you have ADD, getting tested is a vital step i... Read More »

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My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?

Yes. One way to think about this question (and many other health questions) is this way: "If I have the disease, what are the risks to me and/or others if I don't know?" For certain diseases, the... Read More »

How to Get Tested for HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Because of the ways HIV can be spread, and because there is presently no cure for AIDS, many ... Read More »

How is a car tested for mpg?

Hmmm... Miles per gallon. Hmmm... Miles driven divided by amount of fuel used...The way I do it is fill the fuel tank.Reset the trip odometer.Drive.Fill the fuel tank and write down the mileage ... Read More »

Where can i get tested for an std?

There are at least 20 STDs, and plenty of options for people to alleviate or confirm their fears of having contracted one. STD tests are widely accessible and confidential. Gynecologists, personal ... Read More »