How to Get Tan in One Day Without a Tanning Bed?

Answer A tan gives you the appearance of someone who just spent the day lounging at the beach. If you want to get that enviable glow, but do not want to expose yourself to the harmful UV rays of tanning b... Read More »

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Tanning in Beds Without Goggles?

A quick tanning bed session may seem like no big deal. Yet just five minutes under the ultraviolet (UV) rays can have serious health consequences. UV rays emitted by tanning beds can increase the r... Read More »

How to Get a Bronzed Look Without Tanning?

If you want the look of a tanned body without catching some rays, smooth on some sunshine with a self-tanner. To get the look of sun-kissed skin, self-tanning products will give your body a San Tro... Read More »

How to Become Tan Without the Sun or Tanning Salons?

Knowing to stay out of the Sun -- avoiding the rays of the real thing and the UV rays of tanning salons -- is a major step in ensuring healthy skin. Even though pale can be pretty, you don't have t... Read More »

How to Tan in a Tanning Bed Without Getting Wrinkles?

Every time you tan, there is damage being done to the skin. That is true whether the tanning takes place outside in the sun, or in a tanning bed. As tanning beds often exceed the safe amounts of UV... Read More »