How to Get TV Shows to Fit a Widescreen TV?

Answer If your TV shows are not filling the screen of your wide-screen TV, you need to adjust the TV settings. The picture settings you need to adjust are conveniently located on your remote so you will n... Read More »

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Detective shows newscasts reality shows and soap operas are examples of?

Which website shows live ESPN shows?

Bristol, Connecticut. It has been there since 1979 so it isn't exactly new.

What is a widescreen LCD?

A widescreen LCD is a monitor or screen that generally has a 16:9 aspect ratio. This means that for every 16 inches wide, the 16:9 screen is 9 inches in height.References:DTV Scoop: Glossary of DTV... Read More »

Widescreen dvds why are all dvds in widescreen?

Here's a link explaining (mostly with pictures) why we're forced to "suffer" through movies with those "annoying" black bars pasted at the top and bottom of our old "square" (non-widescreen) televi... Read More »