How to Get Superbells to Bloom?

Answer Superbells are hybrids of the Calibrachoa genus, the same genus to which petunias belong. And much like petunias, Superbells bloom profusely through the spring and summer months on compact but full... Read More »

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When do stargazer lilies bloom&how long do they stay in bloom?

Stargazer lilies should be planted in early spring and will quickly bloom within two weeks of planting. The beautiful stargazer lily can stay in bloom for two to three weeks.References:Types of Flo... Read More »

How do you get your aechmea bromeliad to bloom you have 3 different plants that have never bloomed over a period of a couple yearshow can you make it bloom?

Young bromeliads will not bloom. It takes thee or four years at least for the plant to be mature enough to bloom.If your bromeliad was blooming when you got it, it will not bloom ... Read More »

How to Get Impatiens to Bloom?

Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana) are annual flowers that bloom for long periods of time. If you have an area with partial shade, Impatiens are good plants to grow if you want a profusion of flowers... Read More »

How do i bloom azaleas?

Planting AzaleasSelect a slightly shaded location where the plants will receive 3 hours of sunlight per day and be protected from the midday sun. Amend the soil with 50 percent organic matter. Test... Read More »