How to Get Stuff from Your Parents?

Answer Always wanted that cool bike in the window of that shop? The latestgame for your console? NEED the new Xbox 360 elite? Here's a simple solution that will make your parents fall at your feet.

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Do Stuff?

Do you want to do something but your parents won't let.They say your not responsible enough, your to young, your not careful enough. Been there this is how I showed my mom to let me.

How to Get Stuff You Wanted That Your Parents Turned Down?

The minds of teenagers and parents may be completely different when it comes to stuff that teenagers want. This is true when you see a swimsuit on a rack or a video game that your parent doesn't wa... Read More »

How to Download Stuff Without Your Parents Finding Out?

You might want to get something that your parents don't want you to have. If you can get past any filters they might have in place, try this to help with downloading files.

How to Build Trust in Your Parents to Earn Your Stuff Back?

Ok, so you've lost your cell phone, TV, freedom to use social networking websites or your laptop altogether, iPod, nights out with friends etc. and you just can't take it anymore and you feel like ... Read More »