How to Get Students Interested in Reading?

Answer There are many reasons why children avoid reading. Whether it's because they struggle with reading or would prefer to be outside playing with friends, it is important to encourage children to read.... Read More »

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How to Become Interested in Reading Books?

Do you hate reading, but your mom is making you do it? Well, read the steps below and you should soon learn to enjoy reading!

The Best Books to Get Kids Interested in Reading?

Getting children interested in reading can be a difficult and frustrating task. There is no one way to get all children interested in reading. Selecting books depends on the child's interests and t... Read More »

How did you, or plan to get your kids interested in reading, or are you leaving that up to their school ?

The school I went to first grade in taught something called sight reading. Nobody ever mentioned the fact that letters represented sounds. I learned almost nothing. Over the summer my mother tau... Read More »

How to Get Your Students Interested in Energy Resources?

Understanding the various types of energy resources and why they matter is an important concept for children. As kids grow up, attend college, and join the workforce, many of them will make key dec... Read More »