How to Get Struck by Lightning in the Sims 2?

Answer Want to get your Sim struck by lightning on The Sims 2 Seasons? If you do, read this.

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What to do if TV is struck by Lightning?

What the Hell was your TV doing outside in the first place?

Does getting struck by lightning hurt?

no of course not. why dont u go outside wen there lots of lighting and try it out :)

How many times has Lee Trevino been struck by lightning?

Golfer Lee Trevino was struck by lightning once: on June 27, 1975, during the Western Open in Chicago. Fellow player Jerry Heard was struck by lightning during the same tournament. Trevino recovere... Read More »

Would a shipping container home get struck by lightning?

It very possibly could get hit by lightning. But it's not a problem. The lightning follows the the outside of the container to get to the ground, and the contents are left alone. For years we thoug... Read More »