How to Get Stronger Just by Wearing Your Backpack?

Answer Have you ever wanted more strength and power just by wearing your backpack all day during school or university? Here's how.

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Does not wearing your glasses(or contacts) make your eyes stronger or weaker?

I agre with Mrs SSG, wearing or not wearing glasses has no effect on your need for glasses. You might get eye strain and headaches from not wearing them and you willl see better with them.

Will wearing a very heavy backpack make u stay shorter?

no it wouldn't affect your growth that way.

What would you do if you saw your ten year old son in town wearing one of his sisters satin pyjamas with his friends who were also wearing the same kind of thing?

they want to look cool because they are not secure with their friends so they try to show off

GUYS: Is wearing make-up attractive or just ugly. ?

My boyfriend prefers more natural looking makeup. He thinks wearing too much makeup makes the girl kind of trashy, and that she's trying too hard to look pretty.