How to Get Started in the US Army?

Answer US Army Psychological Operations demand as much physical and mental effort as any other Special Operations MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). This is a guide to become involved in one of the Ar... Read More »

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Ive just started a space marine army but need to know the requirements for a 1000 point army like how many troop types you need or how much heavy support you can have or need etc?

USAF Security Forces have two main deployment types currently: The first being a solid 6 Months along with an aproximate 2 months Pre-Deployment training school. Usually the standard works out to b... Read More »

Was the Marines started from the Army?

No. The Continental Congress established the Marine Corps as a separate service to provide Naval Infantry for duty aboard Naval Ships and Naval shore installations. Most early enlistment was made a... Read More »

Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs o... Read More »

My friend started her period when she was ten. But i still havent started mine.?

Do you have any older women relatives you can talk to about it? Or maybe a female teacher or guidance counselor? I will tell you that everyone starts at different times. I know girls who did not st... Read More »