How to Get Started in Crop Rotation?

Answer Crop rotation is a farming practice which utilises the different requirements and benefits of different plants so that soil fertility is improved, erosion is controlled, and pest and diseases are d... Read More »

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Why do farmers use crop rotation?

Crop rotation has been used for thousands of years and is still used in contemporary societies for its many benefits. Documented evidence of crop rotation has been found in ancient Rome, Egypt, Afr... Read More »

How to Use Crop Rotation in Gardening?

Growing different plants in different areas of soil each season is the cornerstone to the process known as crop rotation. Crop rotation is not solely useful in large agricultural endeavors, however... Read More »

What is a Norfolk crop rotation system?

The Norfolk system, was a new system in which four crops were rotated instead of three. This system also removed the fallow field and replaced it with turnips and clover. These made excellent winte... Read More »

How Is Crop Rotation Important to Farmers?

As one of agriculture's oldest and most effective strategies, crop rotation helps to prevent soil nutrient depletion. It also helps control weeds and pests while reducing reliance on synthetic chem... Read More »