How to Get Started With a Research Project?

Answer Undertaking a research project or dissertation is an integral and extremely important component of most educational programs and degrees.It should be an enjoyable and rewarding piece of work howeve... Read More »

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Who started the research or experimentation of cloning?

The first person to successfully clone an animal was Hans Dreich in the late 1800s. Dreich's experiment involved sea urchins, which he chose because of their large embryonic cells and the fact that... Read More »

How to Get a Software Project Started?

Get a software project started. If you are a professional or a hobbyist, this article will give you an introduction on how to start a project.

How to Get Started on a Science Fair Project?

Middle school and high school students participate in science fairs, allowing them to learn how to think critically, ask a question, conduct related research, predict the outcome or answer to the q... Read More »

Who started 10-bean soup project?

Jossy Eyre began the 10-bean project to raise funds for homeless women suffering from poverty. Eyre plus two homeless women created packaged 10-bean soup mixes before selling them to health food st... Read More »