How to Get Square Wood Stock Without a Planer?

Answer Planers are wonderful tools to have, but not every woodworker has the space or the budget for one. Fortunately, a planer is only one of many ways to square a board. Cabinetmakers have been straight... Read More »

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How do I use a wood planer?

BalanceBalance your body by standing with your feet apart. Rest the front shoe of the planer on the wood, but avoid touching the wood.Start the ToolStart the planer and allow it to reach full speed... Read More »

Who invented the wood planer?

Baxter Whitney invented the first successful wood planer in Winchendon, Massachusetts, a manufacturing community. This planer was marketed until the 1950s and won many awards at international exhib... Read More »

How to Use a Wood Working Jointer as a Planer?

A surface planer is a great tool to have in your workshop. Unfortunately, many woodworkers don't have the workspace or budget for this single-purpose tool. A jointer can be used to flatten the surf... Read More »

How to Use Old Reclaimed Wood With a Planer?

Old wood has great character and charm that many wood-workers want to add to their projects. Old barns and other buildings that are being torn down are a source of reclaimed lumber. You can also bu... Read More »