How to Get Spider Webbing Out of My Car's Paint?

Answer Spider webbing is a defect in the clear-coat level of a factory paint job that is visible under direct sunlight. This is not to be confused with a spider web crack in a fiberglass surface, which re... Read More »

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What Kind of Scratch Remover Is Best for Swirl Marks & Spider Webbing?

If you enjoy taking great care of your car, you'll definitely notice when spider webbing or swirl marks occur, especially on a newer or darker colored car. These markings are types of scratches tha... Read More »

Why Is My Paint Gun Cob Webbing Stringy?

If a spray gun is used incorrectly or the material inside it has not been sufficiently thinned, the paint is liable to settle on a painted panel and create a string-like effect that industry expert... Read More »

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