How to Get Sora's Silver Final Drive Form?

Answer Kingdom Hearts 2 is an action/role playing game from developer Square Enix. It features characters from various Disney cartoons, as well as from Square Enix's flagship video game series, Final Fant... Read More »

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How to Get Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Final Form is the Last and most powerful Form that Sora can obtain. It not only has awesome moves and allows for mobile fighting and auto-attacking while gliding and jumping, but it also lowers you... Read More »

Form a Good Party in Final Fantasy XI?

In Final Fantasy XI, there comes a point in the game where it is mandatory to have to associate ones self with others in order to advance. This is a comprehensive guide on how to make a successful ... Read More »

How to Get Final Form Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Sora, Donald, and Goofy return in "Kingdom Hearts 2" to save the Disney universe from the evil plans of Organization XIII. The "Heartless" enemies return and new enemies called the Nobodies offer a... Read More »

How to Get Final Form and Level It Up (Kingdom Hearts 2)?

Not only is Final Form the most powerful form, but also your two keyblades swivel around you. AND you can GLIDE. You can also level up your form and get GLIDE for NORMAL SORA! It is so cool.