How to Get Someone's Phone Number without their Knowledge?

Answer Have you ever wanted someone's number but you are afraid to ask for it? Use the following method to get their number without their knowledge.

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Is there an app for the iPhone to track someones location based on their phone number?

Unfourtunately, you can't, you will have to reenter the data.

Is it illegal for employees to tape meetings that their bosses are having without the knowledge of their boss?

I don't think there's any law prohibiting this because the last time I checked my professor didn't give me consent to record him but I do every week. In the workplace under those conditions it is u... Read More »

How Do you Make a YouTube Account without using a phone or someones else phone?

I will make you an acc, how can I contact you ? You have to tell me what name/last name you want or so...

Is it wrong to use a neighbour's wireless network without their knowledge?

"Yes... It is illegal... "Not technically - there is no law in place yet about hopping on open wifi connections.There are moral questions about it - if your neighbour left their keys in the ignitio... Read More »