How to Get Someone's Phone Number without their Knowledge?

Answer Have you ever wanted someone's number but you are afraid to ask for it? Use the following method to get their number without their knowledge.

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How do you find out someones cell phone number?

You can: Ask them Look on their business card Send them a letter asking for the information E-mail them and ask Phone them on their landline and ask Ask a mutual friend Dial random cell phone numb... Read More »

How can i get revenge using someones mobile phone number?

Write it on a toilet door/wall or phone booth, along with "for a good time call...."

How do I block someones cell phone number?

Yes you need to call your carrier to totally block the number from calls and texts. If you have a call reject list on your phone, then you can put that number on the list and it will automatically... Read More »

Can you block someones number from your cell phone so that they cant call you and if so how do u do it?

yes there is a way here is what you dogo to menu then go to settings&toolsclick on system then look for security then click on restrict calls and then go from there or if your still not sure and s... Read More »