How to Get Someone's Attention if They Don't Know You?

Answer Okay, so, if you're in love (or just interested) with someone who either doesn't know you that well, or at all, then chances are you're a little shy. There are ways to overcome this so don't you fret!

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When someones on the computer and he gives you his number do you call him or you dont?

No way he's probably some perv and if you do call him block your number

My pet rat bit me, and i dont know if it has rabies, Should i get immediate medical attention?

You'd know if it was sick. It's pretty hard for a pet rat to get rabies.

Could you please list some of the symptoms of pregnancy that dont get a lot of attention?

Answer Well it's a little difficult because most symptoms are listed somewhere or other!! My experiences having had 5 children ranged from the usual morning sickness to restless leg syndrome, whic... Read More »

I dont want a unlisted #, I want to find out what someones unlisted number is?

they must had a reason why there phone-number is unlisted....try to respect there privacy!!! don't waste your money!!!