How to Get Someone to Understand?

Answer Getting someone to understand you can be tricky. You might want to convince your parents to raise your allowance. Or you might want to get someone to understand why you ditched them. Persuasion is ... Read More »

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How to Help Someone Understand You in a Loud Environment?

Have you been in a loud place like a nightclub, bar, concert or festival and someone you're talking to can't understand what you're saying? There are a few things you can do so they will.

How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain?

My pain blooms everywhere; please try to understand...Chronic pain changes many things in life, most are invisible. Many people do not seem to understand chronic pain and its effects. Many people d... Read More »

Can someone help me understand the stock market?

The above people are close, but I am a financial economist and maybe I can help.1) To sell something there has to be a buyer also, so if people are "selling off stocks," there is another group "buy... Read More »

Someone who understand how Wikipedia works very well?

The numbers are not points. They are simply the change in characters. Green means net characters added, red means net characters removed.