How to Get Someone to Tell You Their Life Story?

Answer You could be simply curious, trying to bond, looking to get some weight off someone's shoulders, or just plain bored with a little time on your hands, but sometimes encouraging someone to spew you ... Read More »

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How to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Be Their Friend Without Hurting Their Feelings?

There's a person at school who wants to be your friend. You disagree on key ideas, or s/he is friendly with someone you've had problems with in the past. Maybe s/he runs with kids who are into drug... Read More »

Have you ever met someone famous tell uz ur story?

I have met a couple of so called famous people, the first time I was like a shorty, I got angry because I was standing right in front of her, it was Mayor Jane Burns of Chicago IL back in the 80's,... Read More »

What is the game called where you tell someone a story and then pass it around in a circle?

The game "Telephone" involves whispering a sentence or two in someone's ear and having that person pass it along, with the fun coming when the final person reveals how distorted the original statem... Read More »

Can someone tell if you go to their Faceboo page?

No they won't know as long as you don't like them.