How to Get Someone to Speak Softer on the Phone?

Answer Sick of people talking so irritatingly on the phone? Want to stop hearing someone talk loudly? Want to get someone to speak softer on the phone? Well you are in luck, read more below and learn how.

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Is it that crazy to meet someone, exchange phone numbers and possibly speak on the phone later?

I don't digits as in a potential hook up, or just exchange numbers with a pal & use the telephone to speak as opposed to text, e-mail, etc?I find I prefer to text. But I don't r... Read More »

Can you actually speak to someone at yahoo?

Here are the links to forms so you can email them:…(I would go for the technical help one)I had a job trying to find this and I think it's a relatively new... Read More »

I want to speak with someone?

contact your email provider as soon as possible. You should have provided an answer for a special question, or there may be other ways they use to verify you are the account holder.If you can't re... Read More »

How to Find Someone to Speak Spanish With?

You will find it a piece of cake to lean Spanish if you find someone who you can practice speaking Spanish with. Below are some steps and tips you can use to find someone who can speak Spanish with.