How to Get Someone to Speak Softer on the Phone?

Answer Sick of people talking so irritatingly on the phone? Want to stop hearing someone talk loudly? Want to get someone to speak softer on the phone? Well you are in luck, read more below and learn how.

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Is it that crazy to meet someone, exchange phone numbers and possibly speak on the phone later?

I don't digits as in a potential hook up, or just exchange numbers with a pal & use the telephone to speak as opposed to text, e-mail, etc?I find I prefer to text. But I don't r... Read More »

How to Speak Nicely on the Phone?

Talking on the phone may be easy, but practicing good phone etiquette is much more difficult.

How to Speak Professionally on the Phone?

How many times have you spoken with someone on the phone and thought to yourself how unprofessional they were? Make sure others are not saying the same about you.

Is it possible to Speak to my Android phone & Say "Call Home"...& have it automatically dial?

Yes! There should be something callrd Voice dialer, voice search. Something as such, and you press it. You then say 'Call such & such' or say 'Home' or whatever you want to say. SimpLee (: